Mission & Vision

The Urban Local Bodies of Jammu are aiming at creating an environment with better living conditions, improved economic activities and to have all the basis amenities for work/leisure of the urban population living in small cities and towns. In order to achieve these objectives, the Urban Local Bodies, are planning to create infrastructure to take care of future needs because of increased population, increased vehicular traffic on the roads, increased requirement of commercial centers and to take-care of environmental concerns in the Urban Local Bodies.

These objectives are proposed to be achieved keeping in view all the future challenges which massive urbanization will pose to all the Urban Local Bodies of Jammu Province. The special focus of Urban Local Bodies in the coming years is too meet the challenges of mitigating various kinds of pollutions in the rapidly growing Urban Centers. The most important challenge before the Urban Local Bodies is too increase the capacities of those administering various services and in order to address that use of technology, better planning processes and modern implementation tools will be engaged in the coming years in all the Urban Local Bodies.

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